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Day 284: Long Summer Days

I haven't written in quite a while, the days seeming to get away from me. There is so much to do during the summertime. The garden has taken up much of my time.

The animals have been giving me both headache and heartache. As soon as our barn cat Fluffy recovered from her injuries and was happily back outdoors where she belongs trouble befell our other critters.

Hazel the goat developed a strange crusty, scabby nose; Thunder the horse developed a mysterious case of loose manure; Poppy the hen developed a prolapsed vent.

Thunder seems to be on the mend, Hazel is holding steady. Unfortunately, it's not looking good for poor Poppy.

In brighter news, the garden is growing and we (finally, finally, finally) got the melon seeds planted. It another week or so it will be time to get the next crop of corn going. I need to weed that section of the garden.

More exciting news -- I'm working on a new class that is completely different from anything I've ever done. Hopefully, it will be picked up this fall. I won't let you in on all the secrets yet, but will say if you're interested in keeping toxic chemicals out of your home you won't want to miss it. Once I've got a final date pinned down, I'll share the details.

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