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Day 243: A Few More Reasons I'm Glad I Homestead

Seems like whenever I get a little overwhelmed, or start asking myself Why did I ever think homesteading was such a great idea?, I get the answer that I need.

This week, the answer came in two forms. First, another recall. This time Fresh Express bagged romaine lettuce. You know, the same type we had eaten the day before.

About two weeks ago, when the weather was warm (hey, isn't it supposed to be nearly summer?) our lettuce went to bolt. We pulled out the straggly plants and fed them to the goats and chickens and have been back to buying our salad ever since.

Yesterday, I found out the bags of salad we had eaten for both dinner and lunch the next day had been recalled due to salmonella. I decided to get some more lettuce put in the ground pronto. After I went on a rant about the safety of our food (sorry, family, who had to listen to me.)

Today, I came across this article: Roundup Kills More Than Weeds on the Mother Earth News website. It pretty much solidified in my mind that organic gardening is the way to go.

Now if I could only convince my husband. He still subscribes to the "weed-killer and fertilizer" method. I allow him to do it to the front lawn. I put my foot down for anything that will become food for us, and none is allowed on the back 3/4 of our property.

I'm pleased to say he's coming around. I'll send him the link to the article, just for good measure.


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