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Day 236: Too Gross

Today was a beautiful, not too warm, overcast day. Perfect weather for weeding the garden. We have a ton of weeds, too.

So far, the only summer veggies we have in are the tomatoes and peppers. A few weeks ago we bought seeds for corn, melons, pumpkins, and a few other things. But since the garden area, save the bed, is overrun with weeds, nothing has been put in the ground.

I was determined to at least get the corn in today. The fields around us have been planted for awhile, and their corn is nearly 18 inches tall.

This afternoon, I finally had some time to spare to devote to working in the garden. I grabbed my gloves, a shovel, and a hoe and headed out back.

After donning my gloves and working for a few minutes, a tickling started on my left forefinger. I ignored it for a bit, until it became irritating. I pulled my hand out and peered inside the glove, expecting to see a fox tail or bit of grass in the finger.

What I didn't expect to see were pincher bugs, many of them, crawling in the tips of several fingers of the glove. Ewww!

The other glove came off lighting quick, although there were no creepy crawlies in that one. Since the gloves were just a bit big for my hands, my fingers couldn't reach all the way down into the fingertips where the bugs were hiding so I wasn't even aware they were there.

Too gross! I had been wearing them for more than ten minutes like that.

Obviously, the brisk shaking out had given them before I put them on the first time didn't do much good. Before I would even consider putting them back on I had to turn each and every finger completely inside out to reassure myself nothing else was lurking inside.

I never quite got back into my original determination to get the garden in order. The corn seeds are still tucked tightly into their little paper envelope.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try again. And from now on, my gloves will be stored tightly sealed in a ziploc bag.


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