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Day 227: Welcome Back, Tomatoes and Peppers!

It's time for summer garden planting, which must be one of my most favorite times of the year. There's something so exciting about choosing little seedlings and seed packets, planting them in the ground, and watching them grow into something that will find its way onto my plate.

And after a somewhat lackluster first attempt and winter gardening, I'm glad to be back onto turf in which I feel much more comfortable.

Unlike the mysterious ways of spinach and broccoli, I know tomatoes and peppers and zucchini very well. They're old friends of mine, and I know exactly how they like to live so I am able to make their stay with me happy and productive.

We spent Mother's Day pulling out the remains of the spent winter garden, to mixed feelings. Peas vex me. Lettuce is coy. But I was sorry to see the beets go.

But the kids and I happy put in a whole bed-full of summer veggies. Six pepper plants of various varieties, a few lemon cucumbers, and ten tomato vines. After years of planting hybrids like Early Girl and Ace, I finally decided to try some heirloom varieties.

Heirloom tomatoes are supposedly more flavorful that the old hybrid standbys. I do know they're extremely expensive in the grocery store, so that alone is enough to make me grow my own. Hubby won't eat them, though. He says they're "ugly." Well, they are. But they're heirloom.

So, one bed is planted, many more rows to go. We haven’t even started on the corn, beans, pumpkins and melons. And I can't forget my best pal zucchini.

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