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Day 210: Fading Away

Our winter veggies are starting to fade away. The lettuce, spinach, and beets are starting to bolt. The snap peas are getting leggy. Everything is looking tired, except for the carrots and chard (which is going unbelievably strong and too much than could ever be eaten. Even the goats won't touch the stuff anymore.)

Yes, our winter garden is nearly spent. I'm feeling a bit sad, especially because I'm going to miss the fabulous salads we've been eating for the past several months.

But we're making plans to put in our summer garden, and the thought of a vine-ripened tomato is exciting. Once the squash and corn and peppers are in, I won't feel as bad about the cauliflower and spinach.

In other news, we transplanted a grapevine that had all but been swallowed by the weeds. The rains we had a few days ago made it easy to dig up. I put it into a pot to keep it safe from the weeds until we could build a better raised bed.

Unfortunately, the pot didn't keep it safe from the goat and it has been stripped of nearly every last leaf. (Bad Lilly!) It stands skinny and naked in its new home. I don't know if it will ever recover from the trauma. I guess grape leaves taste better than swiss chard.

Plans for this weekend: building a garden fence.


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