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Day 184: Real Food

Have you seen the new TV show with Jamie Oliver? It's called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, and I believe it airs Fridays at 9:00 on ABC.

Let me tell you, I was absolutely riveted. The premise is this: Jamie, a chef, goes to a small town in West Virginia to change the way the community eats.

It was sad, really. Children not knowing the difference between tomatoes and potatoes. Twelve-year-olds with diabetes. Families living off of pizza and chicken nuggets.

The most disturbing, to me, was the inside look at what school districts are feeding our children and the USDA guidelines for our children's school meals. Ketchup counts as a serving of vegetables. Meals must have two bread servings. Pizza is OK to serve for breakfast. Processed food is the norm for school meals.

I understand that our schools are hurting for money, but I'm appalled that this type of food is being fed to our kids. So I've signed Jamie's petition to support better school food and I hope you will to. You can find it at:

Our kids deserve real food, don't you think?

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