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Day 173: Homestead Dinner

This afternoon, as most Moms do every afternoon, I started contemplating what to make for dinner. Knowing we would be busy with a trip to the library, Little League practice, and chores, I decided something quick and simple to make would be the best bet.

Since we had an abundance of eggs, omelets were at the top of the list. As I was picking spinach and scallions from the garden, and collecting a few more eggs from the hen house, slow realization hit. Dinner tonight was going to be (nearly) completely from our homestead.

The cheese for the omelets was store-bought. But one day, hopefully soon, our goats will be producing milk and we'll have our own cheese as well. For now, the eggs and all the veggies for dinner were our own.

I can't impress upon you how important this moment was for me. I was thrilled. No, I was giddy. This, I thought, is what I am doing this for! And it gave me a very small taste of self-sufficiency.

Best omelet I've ever eaten.

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