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Day 137: A Few Stolen Moments

The sun was shining today and the air was relatively warm, so I was so much happier than I have been. This afternoon, after school work and chores were done, the children and I went out to spend some time in the blessed sunshine.

First, Kaylin and I turned the goats out from their pen. They ran around the property and munched on the driest, nastiest looking weeds you could ever imagine. Delicious for a goat. We carefully supervised them so they wouldn't eat from our garden or strip the bark off our baby trees.

Instead, they bounded over and through the garden beds, and invited themselves into the hen house (traumatizing the hens in the process.) As a novice goat owner, I didn't realize how energetic, curious, and immensely entertaining goats could be.

While I had big plans for getting a few more seeds in the ground, and maybe even cleaning the chicken coop, I ended up just sitting. The kids bounced nearby on the trampoline, as I parked a chair in the middle of the property and watched the goats be goofy, the chickens scratch and cluck, and the horses laze in the sunshine. It was better than TV, and more relaxing too.

The work will wait. A few stolen moments are needed sometimes.


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