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Day 95: Happy New Year

There is something so liberating about a new year. I try to avoid any specific new year's resolutions, simply because it's just one more thing to feel guilty about not accomplishing. But I do like to make a few general observances of my life, reevaluating what has been working and what has not.

I have rededicated myself to homesteading, and decided to try to cut out nearly all processed foods from my family's diet. This comes after three weeks of gorging on cookies, cakes, pies, and other holiday goodies. I'm ready to do a detox. The kids have been celebrating their good fortune.

Buying less pre-made foods means more baking, cooking, and general prep work but I'm slowly learning how to make it easier. On weekends, I'll make up several more waffles than we'll eat that morning and put them in the freezer. During the week the kids pop them in the toaster, and they're better than Eggos.

As for the extra cooking, I've enlisted the kids' help. They each have one night per week when it is their responsibility to cook dinner. They plan the menu, and we cook together. Not only do they learn how to prepare healthy meals, but they love the one-on-one time they get with Mom. I do to.

Tomorrow I'm off to the grocery store to pick up some necessities for the next few weeks, but not before a long trail ride on my mare. More riding time is as close to a new year's resolution as I've got.

Here's to a fabulous 2010! Happy New Year everyone.

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