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Day 145: Dirt Don't Hurt

My kids have never been afraid of getting dirty. I think it must come through in the genes. My daughter, at the age of two, would fill her tiny bucket at the spigot, pour it in a little hole by the back porch and make her own mud puddle.

They also know that food doesn't magically appear on grocery store shelves, and play an integral part in planning, planting and harvesting from our garden.

Which is why I thought it was hysterical when the other night, after trekking out to the garden bed, pulling a few lettuce leaves and a bit of chard, my kids were horrified when I dropped a piece on the ground on the way back into the house.

They tried to convince me to throw it in the compost bin. "Mom, we don't want to eat that. It just fell in the dirt!"

Seriously, hadn't they just watched me pick it from the ground? It was all I could do to convince them that it really was OK to eat, considering it had just spent three months growing in dirt.

Strange what turns them off.