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Day 113: Smashing Pumpkins

No, not the music group. That's what we did as a family over the weekend -- smashed pumpkins.

We finally took down our rather large display of pumpkins and other gourds that have been gracing our front porch since the end of last summer. It took two wheelbarrow trips to move them out to the back of the property.

My mindset has changed, if not radically, then at least casually. My first thought when I saw all the squash setting in the wheelbarrow -- why didn't we turn those into soups, muffins, breads and purees? Shame on me for letting good food go to waste.

Next was the problem of what to do with them all. Someone once told me goats love pumpkins. Although Lilly and Hazel took a few nibbles, they didn't seem to impressed. Besides, they would have had to gorge themselves on squash to get rid of them all.

Throwing them away with the trash was not an option. We try to use everything here, reuse and recycle (I'm proud to say we produce very little trash for a four member family. And we're working on reducing even more!)

Composting was the best option, but our bins are fairly full and wouldn't accommodate such a huge pile of squash anyway. So, we decided to dump them in the now-dormant summer garden patch.

Gourds have such tough skin, I was afraid it my kids would be in high school before they started to decompose properly. We needed a way to speed up the process. We needed... a sledge hammer!

Jon got the sledge hammer and Kaylin got the pick-ax. Mom and Dad got to sit on the edge of the garden bed and watch them smash, break, shatter, and destroy all of the pumpkins, squash and gourds. It was fun!

I'm kicking myself for not grabbing the camera to get a few good shots of the kids taking whacks at the unsuspecting vegetables. I did, however, document the carnage.

We had a great time.
You know you're a rural family when smashing gourds is extraordinarily entertaining. I'd rather spend a weekend doing that with my family than going out on the town any day.

Am I easily amused? Probably. Content with the simple things? Yes, thankfully so.

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