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Day 111: Oops

My mother visited us last week. The kids and I proudly showed off our little goats, our new garden bed, and the veggies growing within.

Before she left, I asked if she would like to take some Swiss chard home to my grandmother. As we had been doing every time we harvested chard, I reached down and pulled the entire plant from the ground.

My mother stood there for a moment, then gave me a funny look. Then, she showed me how to gather all the large, outer leaves from the plant, leaving the smaller middle to continue to grow. Oops. Live and learn.

Apparently, you can harvest lettuce that way too. That's great to know, because our last batch of lettuce seedlings haven't really grown much. But we did have a fabulous salad of red leaf lettuce and flaxseed oil. Yum!

Flaxseed oil is another thing my mom turned me on to while she was here. Flaxseed oil is amazingly rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Do you take fish oil? Flaxseed oil contains about twice the amounts of omega fatty acids than fish oil. Plus, it's delicious. Definitely my new favorite.

It's amazing what you can still learn from your mother.

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