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Day 76: The Best Laid Plans...

Of mice and men, isn't that how the saying goes?

It's been one of those overwhelming, hectic weeks where you're always running but nothing seems to get done. I'm behind on work, the Christmas decorations are still sitting in a box on the hearth, and I'll spare you the details of my messy house. Guilt of things left undone is hanging over me.

We actually spent most of the weekend getting our place goat-proof. The shelter was finished, fences repaired. Lilly and Hazelnut Cookie were supposed to come home this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the weather had been drizzly all weekend and it was decided at the last minute to hold off one week before bringing them home. Kaylin was distraught. She, above everyone else, was looking forward to having them home.

In other news, we harvested some chard the other day. Never having eaten it, let alone cooked it, I was a bit unsure. I decided to cook it up in a bit of olive oil. It tasted like a cross between spinach and beets, which is delicious if you like spinach and beets. The kids and I devoured it; my husband did not.

Save for the cauliflower, our smaller veggie plants did not survive the uncharacteristically cold weather we had this week. We actually had snow, which is pretty much unheard of on the valley floor.
I wonder if it's too late to plant another round?

But it was kind of cool for the kids to see the flakes gently falling from the sky. Kaylin thought they looked like feathers.

Hopefully this week will be just a bit more manageable. But we'll see...

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