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Day 69: O Christmas Tree

We picked out our Christmas tree this weekend. It's a fairly short, fairly wide tree, and looks beautiful all lit up.

We always pick our tree from a tree lot in town except for one notable Christmas, years back, when we decided to make an afternoon trip to a U-Cut tree farm. After scouring the farm for the perfect tree, we finally found on one the entire family agreed on.

It was a beautiful tree, fat and bright green and perfect. And we proceeded to cut it down. I nearly cried, and felt guilty every time I saw it standing in my living room. It was the last time we visited the U-Cut place.

I know that a pre-cut tree went through basically the same fate, but at least I wasn't present at its demise.

And I actually believe that a real, live tree is a much better choice, environmentally speaking, than an artificial one. Live trees are grown on commercial farms, help clean the air, and after the 25th of December can be composted. Some are even used to help shore up levees, unlike the artificial trees which end up in landfills after a few years.

So even though I will probably never again cut down the family Christmas tree, I feel okay about our live tree choice. Besides, you can't beat that Christmas smell.

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