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Day 63: Being In the Moment

I am a naturally impatient person. I like to call it drive, this feeling that I must always be going and doing, always moving.

This can be a good aspect of my personality, because it helps spur me to work harder. But the other side of the coin is I'm so busy trying to get to the next big thing that I fail to enjoy the present.

This is why homesteading has become so important to me, I suppose. It's a way to constantly build for the future (planting trees, planning the next year's garden) while actively being present in the moment.

Starting off a frosty morning tossing hay over the fence while the horses breathe warm clouds into the air... watering the garden on golden afternoons, seeing the slow and steady growth of the plants I've sown with my own hands... kneading bread with the kids, listening to the recount their day... Each of these simple rituals force me to slow down, even for just a moment, and really focus on what I'm doing.

I'm realizing that life happens in the smallest moments, and learning to enjoy these moments that I'm in.

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