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Day 61: The Joys of Owning an Old House

So, last week the oven went out. Two weeks before that, the wiring in the children's school room blew. Luckily we don't do schoolwork at night, because we still don't have light in that room.

It seems our solar water heater is now on the fritz. I don't do cold showers. Something had to be done.

The water heater is set atop the courtyard trellis outside the kitchen. The wooden two by twos are old, rickety, and could stand to be nailed back down. Since I weigh a good deal less than my husband, and we don't need a large medical bill on top of everything else, I nominated myself to climb up and check it out.

I had to climb up on the fence, and scurry up onto the roof. Then I traversed the trellis, sticking to the larger rafters (which were spaced just larger than one of my largest steps) to get to the water heater. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, but I wasn't sure what I was looking at anyway.

The two large solar panels were filthy, so I called down for something to clean it with. At this point, the sun was just beginning to set. Darkness, shoddy wooden slats and being 16 feet in the air don't mix well. I worked as quickly as I could to clean the panels as the kids begged to be let up to help.

I wondered what my neighbors must think of me, clambering around on the roof in bare feet with a squeegee. I wondered what they must think of my husband, standing safely on the ground below watching.

We put a call into the service center anyway. I'm thankful these unexpected repairs aren't going to break out budget (just strain it a bit). I'm sure we can be a bit more frugal.

Despite these unforeseen repairs, we really love the old girl and feel really blessed to be living here. Hopefully, though, she'll give us a break at least until the new year.

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