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Day 54: Another Appliance Bites the Dust

The oven passed on last night, quietly while no one was looking. I knew this day would be here soon, as it took forever to preheat and meals took twice as long to bake as they should.

My husband has been in denial, so it hit him hard. I tried to warn him all these months, but he didn't take me seriously.

Like all major expenses, it hit before the holidays. After a short discussion, we realized it was not a purchase that could be put off until after Christmas. We need to be able to bake bread, roast chicken, not to mention Christmas cookies.

This brings us to another issue: to buy new or refurbished. My first instinct was to grab the Sears ad and start shopping.

But then I stopped myself. Buying a refurbished model will help keep another appliance out of a landfill. Energy won't be used to manufacture a new one.

My husband would rather buy new. He reasons that newer models are more energy efficient, so we will be downgrading our energy consumption.

Plus the fact that a brand-spanking new oven is most likely one we will keep for decades (he's right. Our old oven is, at best guess, at least 30 years old.) A refurbished model may not last as long.

I'm on the fence. I guess we have more research to do before we decide.

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