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Day 47: Manic Monday

Hit the ground running this morning. Showers and breakfast for the humans, then breakfast for the animals.

Back inside for a few hours of schoolwork. Chase the outdoor cat back outdoors. Wade through dozens of emails, and respond to those most urgent.

Head out to teach an afternoon class. On the way back home stopped by the feed store. Do a quick pick-up of the house once back home. Wish for a live-in maid. Pull the truck to the end of the drive so the kids could ride their bikes.

Bed check of the chickens. Collect the one egg laid. Feed and blanket the horses. Watch my son play tag with his massive gelding.

Pull the truck back up the drive. Unload three bags of grain, one bag of chicken feed and a bale of straw in the dark.

Cook dinner, eat, and clean up. At the computer for a few hours. Put kids to bed, put dogs to bed, wish I could go to bed. Back at the computer.

Face washed, teeth brushed, ready for bed. Not thrilled to be getting up in two hours to watch the Leonid meteor shower with the kids (but it's educational.)

Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

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