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Day 46: After a Long Weekend

I'm generally happiest when the days are productive; this weekend I was ecstatic. On top of the regular chores, Saturday we moved about 50 wheelbarrows of mulched wood chippings, which our neighbor generously gave us, into the gelding's stall. It was much needed. During the last rainstorm his stall flooded. With rain being predicted next week, I hope this keeps him dry.

We also started another crop of vegetables. The kids helped sow the seeds, so what would have taken me 30 minutes by myself took over an hour.

Today, we started building what will be our future goats' shelter. After scouring the garage, tack room, and side of the house, we were able to piece together nearly everything we would need to build a raised, 3-sided shelter. Thank goodness my husband is a dedicated keeper of all scrap wood.

The shelter was supposed to be my 12-year-old's project. I pointed at the woodpile, and let him have at it. It only took about ten minutes before Dad came out and began to help. ("Helping" is really a code word that means 'doing it all while your disappointed son stands around watching'.)

Hubby didn't get the subtle hints I was dropping ("How's your project coming along, Jon?") or the non-so-subtle ones for that matter ("Let Jonathan do something, will you?") This, of course, annoyed me.

Never wield a hammer while angry. My left index finger never saw it coming. Currently, it is purple-blue and the relative size a shape of a corn dog. Despite all this, the shelter is coming together nicely.

After the hammer debacle, it was off to the next town over to buy a pair of cowboy boots for each of the kids, plus a couple of 2X4's needed to finish Dad's, I mean Jon's, project. The Boot Barn didn't have the purple boots my daughter is set on (every other color in the rainbow,and not a purple pair to be seen?) We couldn't find a pair Jon liked that didn't require a second mortgage. It would have beeen a wasted trip if we didn't stop somewhere for dinner.

Back home to feed in the dark, and race back into the house. I was glad to set down at the computer, even if it meant hunting and pecking at the keyboard while trying to keep the corn dog finger out of the way.

All I can say is
thank goodness for electricity, central heating, hot tea and comfortable couches.

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