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Day 40: Back at Home Sweet Home

We had a fabulous few days in Reno. No, I'm not a gambler. Instead of teaching, I actually attended a class for a change. We spent the weekend at a clinic by my favorite horse trainer, Clinton Anderson.

Unless you're into equines you would have never heard of him, but in the horse world he's a celebrity. I was able to get his autograph and have a picture taken with him. Who would have thought I could be struck dumb? Not speechless... dumb. As in "made a babbling idiot of myself" dumb. Kind of wish I had a do-over on that one.

There were also so many beautiful, sparkly, shiny things to buy. Even though I had committed to buying less, saving more and being content with less stuff, it's amazing how tempting that stuff can be when it's right there in front of you. The spending spree started with a $3 pretzel and ended with over $170 of tack.

Even so, it was a fun trip. With all our responsibilities here, we rarely travel. Luckily my brother agreed to stay at our place to care for the animals. Our older dog, who always gets depressed while we're away, didn't eat the entire weekend. Our younger, fatter dog isn't nearly as loyal. She ate enough for the both of them.

It is good to be home again, though. Much cheaper too.

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