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Day 1: Living Naturally

This whole idea nagged at me for weeks.

It started because of a lunch date with a former student. Through the course of the meal, we ended up on the subject of homesteading. She expressed her desire for more nutritious food and more natural ways of caring for her family and home. I shared with her my experiences with gardening, raising free-range chickens and, of course, natural skin care recipes.

She asked: Have you ever though about teaching a homesteading class?

The idea of homesteading has always enchanted me. Living closer to nature, reconnecting with that long-forgotten part of ourselves.

Still, I wondered if puttering around in my rather large garden really equipped me with enough knowledge to teach a homesteading class. I wanted to share information that was useful for everyone, from the busy mom raising five kids to the family with only a tiny patio and a few pots for growing. Could a modern family could fit homesteading into their lives?

To find out, I realized I had to become a homesteader myself.

It is not that I wanted to eschew modern life. I love my computer. I believe the electric washing machine is the greatest invention of our century. And I am not quite ready to give up TV (although I probably could be convinced.)

But I also was disillusioned with my spendthrift, disposable lifestyle. I wondered about my impact on the environment. I worried about the chemicals my family was exposed to on a daily basis. I was also beginning to have serious concerns over the safety of our food supply (really, can we stand another e. coli or salmonella scare?)

It was time to become a modern homesteader -- spending less, relying on Mother Nature more, and becoming a good steward of the Earth.

So begins my year-long journey toward self-reliance.

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