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Day 9: The Simple Life

The kids had a field trip today with their homeschool charter and since they had to meet the bus early, I excused them from their morning chores.

So, I was on my own to feed, water, muck stalls, pick vegetables and weed the garden. It took three times longer to do without my helpers, the worst of which was I had to hunt for and straighten out my own hose kinks as I drug it around the yard.

Who said the simple life was simple?

But I was able to spend a quiet hour or so in the garden with the starlings, singing in the trees above, for company. It's definitely fall if the starlings have returned.

Surprisingly, there are still plenty of tomatoes and peppers on the vine. The zucchini has slowed considerably, so we'll probably only get a few more squash this season. Luckily, we have plenty stored in the freezer. The corn fizzled out a month ago.

The cherry tomatoes are still going like gang-busters. While crouched down among the vines, digging into the deeper parts of the plant for hidden fruits, I felt a connection to the women before me who spent their days gathering food for their family. I also realized that children's little fingers are better at harvesting tiny tomatoes.

All in all, we harvested just over 11 pounds of produce this morning, not counting the eggs. We usually get a half-dozen a day, although as the weather cools the hens will slow down egg production.

I acknowledge the fact that homesteading is a lot of work. But I am thankful for being able to spend part of the day outside in the sunshine, to be able to provide healthy foods for my family, and become more connected with Mother Earth.

It may not be the easy life, but it is a blessed life.

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