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Day 5: Planting Seeds of Happiness

The sunny but cool weather meant spending lots of time outdoors this weekend, and there was plenty to do. The weeds got cut, the fruit trees mulched, the chicken coop cleaned, and other getting-ready-for-fall chores.

Our winter veggies were also put in the new raised bed. We planted lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, beets and peas. I'm hoping for some wonderful salads in a few months.

We also planted chard, which I've never eaten before but heard grows well in our area, and cauliflower. Apparently, it's best to grow cauliflower from transplants but since we couldn't find any we put down seed. Hopefully, it comes up okay because it’s a family favorite.

Now, the hardest part of all -- waiting for those tiny seeds to grow into something edible!

Homesteader's Tip:
Don't plant all those seeds at once! Unlike summer veggies which bear fruit all season, most winter crops are one-shot deals (after you've picked that head of lettuce, it's gone!)

Sow new seeds every two weeks or so and you'll have a supply of vegetables all winter long.

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