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Day 30: At Least the Chickens Ate Well

Our chickens had themselves a gourmet feast today. Unfortunately, they were feasting on food meant for our table.

Since it was a beautiful day, and the kids worked especially hard at their studies today, we decided to spend the afternoon riding. And because I was feeling badly that rain and wind had kept the flock cooped up in their, ahem, coop, I turned the chickens out in the yard.

How long they were scratching and pecking through the garden beds I don't know. I only saw my daughter do a flying dismount off her tiny pony and dash across the yard, hollering. There was a sudden cloud of dirt and feathers. When it was all over, many of our tender seedlings were unearthed and wilted sadly on their sides. The rest had disappeared down the birds' gullets.

It was my fault. Even though I spoil my birds with plenty of kitchen scraps and fresh treats, that's nothing compared to a good scratch through soft soil. If there are tender sprouts to munch on, all the better.

We'll replant what we lost, but we now we won't have winter veggies before winter. Definitely time to fence the garden. Wonder what the husband is doing this weekend?

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