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Day 3: Finding Kindred Spirits

I taught a holiday soap-making class this morning -- what a great group we had today! I'm so thankful to be able to spend time around like-minded women.

One of my students shared a great idea for putting to use all those tiny soap slivers (those bits that get too small to use). Instead of throwing them away, place them in a pump-top soap dispenser with just a bit of water. It makes for great hand soap.

She also uses this for a wonderful bubble bath. Of course, she uses her own handmade soaps. Store bought soap may be too drying to use this way.

This is a great way to recycle those bits that otherwise would have made it into the trash, and save a bit of money too.

Homesteading Tip: Here are a few more ways to put those soap slivers to good use --
  • Use instead of pet shampoo for your dog (or cat, if you can get him into the tub).
  • Toss into a small bucket of water and clean scuffs and marks from the walls. These mild soaps are gentle on paint.
  • Place several slivers into the toe of an old pair of pantyhose, roll or fold up the entire leg and tie the whole bunch together. You now have a self-soaping scrubbie. This works great for cleaning outdoor furniture. One pair of pantyhose will give you two scrubbies (one from each leg).


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