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Day 21: How Safe Is Your Food?

There has been another food recall, this time cantaloupe and (yikes!) baby food. Is it just me, or are these recalls becoming far too common?

It was the growing concern over the safety of our food supply that spurred my husband and I to grow or produce as much of our own food as possible. A happy side effect of this decision is the food tastes better and in some cases is much more nutritious.

For any hope of making it through the winter without buying veggies at the store, I'd better start working harder. We only have a handful of spinach sprouting. The cauliflower was a total bust. Only one plant sprouted (plus another "sprout" we babied until we realized it was a weed.)

Luckily, we have huge grapefruit ripening as we speak. Citrus fruits are always great during the dreary winter months.

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