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Day 14: After the Storm

We really are lucky to be living in California. I can say this with all sincerity after a stint in Arizona during summer monsoon season, no less.

Still, yesterday’s weather was odd for October. We spent the day indoors, save for a few mad-dashes through the wind and rain to feed the animals.

What a difference a day makes. Today is beautiful, sun shining and warm. Of course the place is a mess of leaves and pine needles, but save for a small branch from a Modesto ash everything else made it through okay.

The chickens were allowed a few hours outdoors to scratch through the damp earth and search for tasty bugs, to make amends for the fact that we didn't weatherproof their coop before the rain hit. Although the coop has a roof, the walls are only solid about four feet up; the rest is strictly chicken wire. It makes for cooler summers and fresh air, but doesn’t do a thing to keep out driving rain.

Typically we wrap the open wall portion with tarp during the rainy season. It didn't get up for yesterday's storm. A bedtime check last night revealed nine wet, bedraggled, and outraged fowl.

The horses, on the other hand, relish the cool, damp air. They happily splashed their way through the lakes that sprouted up overnight, trotting, snorting, and bucking as we brought them their breakfast. They also love rolling in the mud, and can give any pig a run for its money.

I should be cleaning the place up, but the weather has made me lazy. Instead, I'm spending the day watching the chickens scratch the ground and the dogs chase squirrels. I’ll clean up tomorrow. I promise.


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