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DIY Oatmeal and Aloe Facial Mask Recipe

If your skin is dry, looking sallow, and just not feeling its best, I've got the perfect treat for you: a super easy, DIY oat and aloe mask recipe that ranks as one of my (and my students) absolute favorites.

And, yes, I know I say that nearly every recipe is my favorite. I really do have, like, a gazillion favorites. Because it's like asking to choose between your children. I can't because I love them all.

But... back to this mask.

It really is the perfect anecdote to nearly anything that's going on with your skin. For wintertime dullness and dryness. For dehydrated, over-sunned skin. Anytime your skin is environmentally stressed, this mask helps.

Oats gently cleanse, milk smooths and brightens, while aloe soothes and gives your skin an extra kick of hydration.

RECIPE: Oat and Aloe Mask This recipe makes enough for one application. It's best made fresh each time you use it, but it's so simple it's not a chore.

I used store-bought aloe gel for this reci…

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