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Raspberry Truffle DIY Bath Bomb Recipe

Of all the DIY skin care products I make, I have a secret obsession with bath products. Maybe it's because the promise of a long relaxing soak is so appealing.

Although I don't always have the time for that long relaxing soak, so there is literally an entire cabinet in the master bathroom filled with handcrafted bath products. I have enough to last for many, many months. But still I make more! Because when an idea pops into your head, how can you not jump on it?

That's exactly what happened with this bath bomb. The Raspberry Truffle fragrance oil was just begging to be used. I imagined a delicate, feminine bath bomb and I think it turned out super sweet. What do you think?

If you've never made bath bombs before, they can be a little tricky.  Read through the entire recipe first, to get familiar with the process, before getting started. I'd also recommend doing a small test batch first, to get the feel for it.

Ready to make some Raspberry Truffle Bath Bombs? 


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