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Why DIY Pumpkin Skin Care Recipes May Be AWFUL for Your Skin

I really love every last millisecond of fall: crisp autumn skies, apple picking, hot cocoa, roaring fires, and sweater weather. And, of course, the unofficial mascot of the season: the pumpkin.

This happy orange gourd deserves its time in the spotlight. It's super healthy and yummy (especially in pies, and breads, and lattes... but I guess those all cancel out its health benefits, right?)

No matter, pumpkin is still wonderful. Did you know that pumpkin is good for your skin too? Pumpkin is loaded with exfoliating enzymes, vitamins A and C. It's a skin superfood.

This time of year, the web is positively bursting with DIY pumpkin skin care recipes: pumpkin sugar scrubs, pumpkin lip balms, pumpkin face masks, pumpkin lotions...

And all of the recipes sound. So. Scrumptious.

But there is an insidious dark side to many of these recipes. You see...

When pumpkin isn't incorporated into DIY skin care products the right way, it can be downright AWFUL for your skin.
Here lies the p…

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