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How To Make Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs for Kids

My nephew is wild about dinosaurs. He can probably name every dinosaur ever in existence, even those I've never heard of before. It's amazing.

So, I thought for a fun gift , I'd make him something special -- real live dinosaur eggs. OK, so they aren't real dinosaur eggs but they sure look like they could be.

They're actually egg-shaped bath bombs. And if you have any tiny humans on your gift list, this is an super fun idea that I guarantee they'll love.

What's special about these bath bombs is the little dinosaur toy hidden inside. Drop one into the tub and while the bath bomb fizzes the kids get to watch the dinosaur "hatch." They also turn the bath water a cool color, and what kid wouldn't like that? Super fun!

These bath bombs use plastic eggs as the mold. Fair warning, it takes a bit of practice to perfect the molding and unmolding of the bath bombs, so I really suggest making a practice batch first to try your hand at it.

That said, once you …

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