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Lemon Mint Foot Polish

If there is one thing I just cannot stand is rough, dry feet. Not just that they look icky in sandals, but I hate the way they feel rubbing across the sheets at night. Like sandpaper. Ugh... the worst.

But I do love going barefoot for the majority of the summer, so rough feet are kind of a given. When a good helping of cream or salve doesn't work, it's time to break out the foot polish.

This one uses salt as the main exfoliant. I never recommend salt for a body scrub (it's too aggressive in my opinion, sugar scrubs are a safer choice.) For the feet, though, salt is the perfect ingredient.

Feet can handle the more abrasive quality the salt provides. Make sure you use fine grain salt. It seems counter-intuitive, but the small grains actually give a better, more thorough polish than do courser grains. Whereas larger grains tend to skid across the skin's surface, fine grains buff away dead skin cells.

You can find fine grain sea salt at most grocery stores or organic marke…

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