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Chamomile Shea Butter Soap Recipe - Melt and Pour Method

Melt and pour was the first soap making method I learned (and still think it's the best method for beginning soapers to start with). When I started making cold process soap, melt and pour kinda fell by the wayside.  

But now I'm rediscovering and loving melt and pour soap for it's awesome simplicity. 

Back on our little Northern California homestead, our farmhouse was equipped with two kitchens. One was my dedicated soaping room. Everything I needed was at my fingertips, and I could close the door to keep little ones out (or hide the mess if I didn't feel like cleaning up right away.) 

 Our new farm in Idaho is perfect in every way except it doesn't have a soaping studio. All of my soaping equipment and ingredients are currently housed in the cellar. It's nice as far as cellars go. It's not dank or dirty, and all four walls have sturdy shelves for storage. But there's no sink, no counter top, no windows. 

So to make cold process soap I would have to go dow…

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