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Cold Process Soap: Simple Two-Oil Soap Recipe

Pulling this one from the archives because the recipe is so simple but makes an a-maz-ing bar of soap. I really love this recipe - it makes a lovely lathering, moisturizing bar.

If you're brand new to cold process soap making, this is a good one to try. If you're more experienced, this is a nice recipe because you probably have this oils on hand all the time. And you can jazz it up however you wish.


I just finished up a wonderful cold process soap making class out at Gavilan College in Gilroy.  What a great group of ladies. Collectively we made over 40 pounds of soap! What a blast! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Since we had a fairly large group, and the vast majority were brand new to soap making, I wanted a simple and straightforward recipe. And, since we were making 40 pounds of soap and the 40 pounds of ingredients needed to be carried, by me, to the classroom (not to mention all of the pots, hotplates, …

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