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Peppermint Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

Sugar scrub cubes took the internet by storm a few years back. I still think they're adorable, and they're on my go-to list when I need a quick, inexpensive-yet-impressive handmade gift.

If you missed the flash-in-the-pan cube craze, let me introduce you to them. Sugar scrub cubes are a blend of soap, moisturizing oils, and (you guessed it) sugar. You use them to exfoliate, smooth, and moisturize the skin.

Because they're solid cubes, some people find them more convenient and less messy than traditional sugar scrubs. They make your skin feel amazing, and are the perfect remedy for dry, wintertime skin.

RECIPE: Sugar Scrub Cubes  The recipe below is for a festive peppermint scent, but feel free to substitute any essential oils of your choosing. Some ideas: sweet orange, lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile. You can also use soap fragrance oils that you find at your craft store. (Make sure these are labeled for soap, not for candles or room fresheners.) What you'll need…

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